After an eventful week of power outages, we gathered at the Sports Park for an evening service meeting.

Patty Mellon gave her classification talk. We learned she was a Woodsom and growing up on a farm right in Amesbury was the perfect way to spend her child hood. Her dad Tedda is still an Amesbury fixture who mows the paths all over Woodsom Farm that allows everyone from dog walkers to the cross-country team to enjoy this jewel. He mother died of breast cancer when she was just in her early fifties. Patty works for an insurance agency and covers a wide territory. She has been there 22 years and has received numerous awards. Her daughter Katie was only eight years old when she was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Patty’s world fell apart as she struggled with all the challenges that go with that. To be frank, she wasn’t coping well. Then several months later she got her own diagnosis of breast cancer. While you might think this would send her into a deeper despair it had the opposite effect. She snapped to and realized she had to take control of her situation. Ultimately, she had a double mastectomy and is now cancer free. She and several friends began doing the Susan Komen three day walk to raise money and awareness for breast cancer research. They had to pick a name for their team and so the Tough Warrior Princesses were born. They were featured in a video produced by New Balance. They now provide support for women with cancer and women affected by cancer. Their survivor baskets are well received with everything from gas and grocery cards to fuzzy blankets and slippers. Patty was struck by our motto of service above self and felt Rotary would be the right fit. Welcome Patty!