We were lucky to have Fuko Kiyama as our guest and speaker at our monthly Service Meeting. She is a Japanese exchange student studying at Tufts through the Rotary Scholarship program.

Her early childhood was spent in Tennessee. Her father’s job took them from Japan to there for about
five years. She as three when they arrived. While in the US she had no idea she was any different than
any other American child. When they moved back to Japan when she was eight and it was a real culture
shock. She felt she didn’t fit in and after a while her parents enrolled her in a private school with many
other students that had similar stories. Eventually she came to identify as a “third culture kid”. These
are children that identify with two cultures and often don’t fit comfortably in either one. As a result of
that childhood she is now studying the effects that two cultures can have on a child. She hopes to
develop an educational program to address their needs. Fuko was warm and articulate and Rotary made
a good choice in selecting her for the scholarship.
REMINDER: Thursday the 21st is our holiday party at Molise. Invite a spouse, significant other or friend.
Please get Cathy a head count. There will be no meeting, Thursday Dec 28th.
Enjoy your holidays!