It was nice to finally see each other after the holidays and a snow day.  It was time for a club assembly and Dianne led us through discussions on three different areas. 
Cornhole:  Todd needs some volunteers.  If you weren’t at the meeting and want to help and you are not tossing bags for a team let Todd know.  Also, everyone please try and get at least one team or more.  It’s only $60 for two people to play. It’s Saturday January 27th on a weekend with no football.  What else are you going to do in the middle of winter?  This is a big fundraiser for us so let’s get lots of teams. If you have friends that are not on a team that want to just come watch it is free.  There will be food and adult beverages for sale.
Bylaws:  They have been MIA for a long time and finally were found and dusted off.  They clearly were in need of updating so Maureen Pomeroy rolled up her sleeves and got to work. The board gave some input and now it is time for the club to weigh in.  President Dianne emailed those out to everyone last week so look them over and let her know if you want to make any suggestions.  They are only 11 pages so it won’t take long to review them.  Thank you, Maureen!
Membership:  This has been an ongoing topic of discussion since Rotary was founded over 100 years ago.  President Dianne broke us up into groups and passed out a list of some suggested professions in an effort to stimulate thought and ideas on who would be good Rotarian for our club.  Everyone is encouraged to invite a prospective new member to a meeting.  Remember there are opportunities for service members for those that can’t make a lunch meeting.
Upcoming events: 
                  Feb 3: we are plunging!  Terri and Cathy and who else will be plunging into the Atlantic?  All money raised goes to support the eradication of polio.  Not plunging?  Come watch! 
                  Feb 28th: The World Peace and Understanding Dinner.  This is always an inspiring evening with good speakers. 
Other news:
Judy was back after breast cancer surgery last week.   She looked mahvelous!  She says it was detected after Patty Mellon spoke at our Rotary meeting about her journey with breast cancer.  Patty specifically called out Judy to get a mammogram and the rest is history. It was also announced and voted upon that she would become President of the club for 2019-2020.  Congratulations Judy!