This week we had a guest from Evanston. His name is Chris Boyce and his job is to promote annual giving as a paid staff member and is an excellent resource for foundation chairs. He is a graduate of the University of Illinois. He enjoys getting out and seeing “real” Rotary in action. Last year Amesbury gave $10,715 to the Foundation which is great for a club this size. 12 people were first time donors. He was happy to travel to Amesbury to thank us in person for our generosity.

President Dianne led us in a club assembly. She reminded us that the Board of Directors meeting is open to any member of the club. She told us that of our 40 members 12 are service members. There was a lively discussion on how to engage those service member and members in general. Attendance continues to be a challenge. Keeping active and making a difference was a common theme.

Recent projects have included Julia and Tom organizing Pennies for Polio. Terri organized packing emergency food bags for the Pettengill House. Tom has done a great job with Readers are Leaders. Cheryl has done wonders with the Adopt a Spot. Anne continues her hard work on Student Loan Trust while Donna works with the interact kids. The club got a successful matching grant which will allow the Pettengill House to purchase much needed computers and shelving for the food pantry. We continue to have a greater presence on Facebook and on our own web site. We have much to be proud of!