Our speaker at this week's meeting was Attorney Ramsey Bahrawy who is also a fellow Rotarian.  When he was 17 years old his mother read in Parade Magazine that they were looking to hire for the Olympic Games to be held in Munich Germany in 1972.  She suggested he apply as he was fluent in three languages, English, French and German.  Much to his surprise he was hired and found himself a supervisor of ushers no less.  He arrived two weeks prior to the start of the Olympics and was housed in a school with twenty cots to a room. 
Right from the beginning it was a very political event with Rhodesia eventually being boycotted.  He worked in the field hockey venue where he learned men play that sport too.  One night he and some friends were enjoying Oktober Fest and as he was walking back to the village he was asked for identification.  He showed them his US passport assuming that would be it but instead he was taken to the police station where he spent the night.  It wasn’t until the next day that he learned that the Palestinians had killed 11 Israeli athletes and trainers.  He speculates that because his US passport showed that he had been born in Egypt that he was a suspect.  His story was verified the next morning and he was released.  His telling of the story was very exciting!
Veterans Day lunch is fast approaching.  Invite a veteran you know to lunch at Molise on November 9th
We were approved for a District Grant for the Pettengill House! We will be able to provide the Pettengill house with some updated computers and new shelving for the food pantry. Very exciting!
Remember:  Invite a veteran to lunch November 9!