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The Ducks are Coming!

The Ducks are Coming!!

The Ducks are Coming!!!


The 2nd Annual Powow River Duck Race

will be on May 18th at 11AM!

The 15th Annual Fall Auction is scheduled for Thursday, November 14th at Amesbury's Holy Family Parish Hall!  Please contact Michelle Ault or Curtis Wollitz for tickets to the event!
  3rd Annual Powow River Duck Race  
The 2014 Duck Race is right around the corner. Get your ducks in the race!
To find out more about this year's Duck Race, click here.
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  2014 Duck Race Winners Announced!  
The 2014, 3rd Annual Powow River Duck Race was a complete success. As a great finale to a weekend of Amesbury Days events, the 2014 rubber ducky sprint lived up to all its hype. The evening was absolutely perfect, as you couldn't have demanded a better summer day. In fact, the weather - specifically the lack of rain - had been so beautiful throughout the lead-up to Amesbury Days that the start of the race had to be delayed to allow more time for the waters of Lake Gardner to rush past their flood gates and provide the needed power to propel thousands of ducks down the falls of the Powow River. Around 4:30 pm, a front-end loader located on the Pond Street Bridge of the Upper Millyard dumped 2,300+ rubber ducks into the river to commence the race. Before we go any further, this year's race would not be possible to put on without the generous help of the following sponsors:
Stoneridge Properties
1st Payroll, Inc.
Align Credit Union
Arc Technologies
Dolan Financial Services
Edward Jones Investments
Institution for Savings
Newburyport Bank
Northern Essex Community College
The race was a quick rush over the falls to the finish line directly under the footbridge on the backside of the Ale House and No. 8 Kitchen & Spirits. The top 3 winners of this year's race will be taking home $1,000 cash, 4 Red Sox Tickets vs. the Los Angeles Angels and 4 Boston Duck Tour Tickets. Thanks to thoughtful donations by members of the Club, Amesbury Rotary was more than happy to provide prizes for the top 28 finishers of the race. The top finishers of the 2014 Powow River Duck Race are as follows:
1. Duck #1378 - Jay Knapp - $1,000 Cash
2. Duck #1026 - Roy Hamond - 4 Red Sox Tickets vs. The Los Angeles Angeles of Anahiem
​3. Duck #1181 - Brian & Trish Butler - 4 Boston Duck Tour Tickets
4. Duck #1074 - Francis Blood
5. Duck #308 - Phaelan Gadd
​6. Duck #1571 - 1st Payroll's Autumn Gadd
​7. Duck #1165 - Brian & Trish Butler
8. Duck #691 - Newburyport Bank
9. Duck #1511 - Heidi Holmes
10. Duck #752 - Haverhill Chamber
11. Duck #769 - Haverhill Chamber
12. Duck #2185 - Martha Leavitt
13. Duck #759 - Haverhill Chamber
14. Duck #1682 - Cheryl Keim
15. Duck #1001 - Darrell Taylor
16. Duck #736 - Newburyport Bank
17. Duck #1492 - Alex Colon
18. Duck #1856 - David Frick
19. Duck #628 - Align Credit Union
20. Duck #1930 - ARC Technology
21. Duck #1713 - Peter Hoyt
22. Duck #1237 - Matt Sherrill
​23. Duck #602 - Align Credit Union
24. Duck #1451 - Brian Thurlow
​25. Duck #294 - Derek Lively
26. Duck #1025 - Roy Hamond
27. Duck #1325 - Peter Corrigan
​28. Duck #167 - Jane Hoggard
​Thank you again, to all those who raced, helped, contributed, participated, spectated, donated, and thought of us! Have a wonderful rest of Amesbury Days, and we can't wait to see you next year for the 4th Annual Powow River Duck Race. If you are one of the top 28 winners, we will be getting in touch with you over the next few days to inform you of your prize, and where you can pick it up! If you haven't heard from us, please feel free to email us at
See you next year!!!
  4th Annual Cornhole Bonanza   

The 4th Annual Cornhole Bonanza is coming to Amesbury during the last weekend of January! This year's event is an indoor tournament during the middle of winter. With no football on the schedule, the last weekend of January, there's no better place to be than tossing a few bags, and trying to take down over $500 in prize money. Come on down to Seacoast United's Indoor Soccer venue to enjoy an evening of Cornhole, food, drink, and music.

We have an addition to this year's contest, as we'll be taking advantage of our extra space inside of Seacoast United. We'll have other backyard games, such as: washers, ladder golf, beer pong and polish horseshoes. So, if luck isn't with you in the cornhole tournament, you can stick around for a taste of summer with our other backyard game options.

There will be dozens of 2-person teams competing in group play format - guaranteeing each team at least 3 games - with the top teams advancing to a single elimination playoff. Registration begins at 4pm with a shotgun start at 5pm.

Teams consist of 2 players, and prize money will be awarded to the top three teams; 1st Place - $250, 2nd Place - $100, 3rd Place - $60. There will even be a consolation round for those not advancing to the playoffs which will be awarding another $100, and side games offering the possibility to reel in more cash.

2016 Cornhole Bonanza Sponsor
The 2nd Annual Cornhole Bonanza is coming to Amesbury during the last weekend of September. - See more at:
The 2nd Annual Cornhole Bonanza is coming to Amesbury during the last weekend of September. - See more at:
    Amesbury Rotary Hair Dare    

11/20 - FINAL UPDATE - Standings
1st - Bart Bailey
2nd - Cathy Toomey
3rd - Tim Angerhofer
​We've already received hundreds of votes, and the race is still neck-and-neck at this point. There is still time to get your votes in by voting online, or you can come to tonight's Auction at Holy Family Parish Hall in Amesbury at 6pm to cast your vote in person. Voting ends at 8pm.
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The 2nd Annual Cornhole Bonanza is coming to Amesbury during the last weekend of September. - See more at:
The 2nd Annual Cornhole Bonanza is coming to Amesbury during the last weekend of September. - See more at:
    Amesbury Brewfest   
Friday, June 26th - 5:00pm - Tickets now on sale! Come and celebrate Amesbury by kicking-off the weekend with the 6th Annual Amesbury Days Brewfest. On Friday, June 26th at 5:00pm, join local breweries and celebrate summer with live music, food and beer. Brewers will offer a variety of sampling options including their flagship and seasonal brews. The Amesbury Days Brewfest is being held in City Hall Parking Lot, at 62 Friend Street, Amesbury, MA. This brewfest features a vast array of Brews, Ciders, Spirits, Wines and Meads - and is sure to have something for everyone!

Amesbury Days Brewfest is an annual hallmark of the Amesbury Days calendar of events. The Amesbury Rotary Club, as a non-profit, is proud to not only host this event, but also to be a donor and supporter of Amesbury Days. So, join us in spending some quality time with local brewers and craftsmen, and see what their passion can produce - all while celebrating Amesbury.

Brewers include: 1684 Meadery, Artisan Beverage Cooperative, Berkshire Brewing, Bully Boy Distillery, Clownshoes, Down the Road, Downeast Cider, Far From the Tree Cider, Harpoon, House Bear, Ipswich Ale, Jewell Towne Vineyard, Mayflower, Newburyport Brewing Co., Riverwalk, Ryan & Wood Distillers, Sam Adams, Sea Hagg Distillery, Shipyard, Wachusett


Wine Tasting on the Waterfront at Vasa

Celebrate May Day, Mother's Day, and the summer season in New England with a Wine Tasting on the Waterfront at Vasa!
This cocktail-style event will offer 5 wine tastings paired with 5 foods as well as additional hors d'oeuvres stations. All proceeds will benefit projects of the Amesbury Rotary Club.
Projects include:
  • Polio Plunge to raise money for polio eradication
  • Rotoplast
  • High School Interact Club
  • Senior Citizen Luncheon
  • “Readers are Leaders”
  • Adopt a Spot
  • Food Drives
  • Scholarships
  • Veterans Luncheon
  • Educator of the Year
  • RYLA
  • Interest free college loans
  • Literacy and water projects in developing countries
  • Dictionaries to all third graders in Amesbury and Newbury
Wine tasting on the Waterfront at Vasa, 175 Bridge Road, Salisbury
May 1, 6:00-9:00
5 wine tastings with 5 food pairings
Tickets are $50
Silent Auction and Raffle
1st Prize: 2 tickets to see Lady Gaga at Fenway Park, accommodations at the Elliot Hotel & $100 spending money. 
2nd Prize: 20 bottles of wine with a minimum value of $500. 
3rd Prize: $100 gift certificate to Vasa. 
Buy tickets through April 15 for $45
Regular price tickets are $50
Event tickets will be available at Stone Ridge Properties, 20 Market Street, Amesbury.
Raffle tickets will be available for sale at the wine tasting or at Stone Ridge Properties (20 Market Street, Amesbury) for $10.

Donate Life - Organ Donation Day

March 23rd was Organ Donation Day - a day created to raise awareness for the importance of organ donors and encourage people to consider signing up. The Club had a great program at Crave in Amesbury to raise awareness of organ donations. We had several living donors and several recipients with us as guests. The information was very helpful for those of us that have identified ourselves as "organ donors" on our drivers license.
Thank you to everyone who attended, especially those who shared their stories!

organ donation day, donate life, amesbury rotary club
We had a wonderful tour and lunch at the Amesbury Friends Meeting House last week!  We learned about Meetinghouse history, history of the Quaker church, aka Amesbury Meeting, and about Quakers. Lunch was delicious and we were able to have some lovely conversations. 
The first Quakers arrived in Boston in 1656 but were persecuted, so early Quakers sensibly settled primarily in areas outside of Boston—in Rhode Island under the protection of Roger Williams, and in Massachusetts’ towns such as Hampton, Seabrook, Salisbury and Salem among others. Salisbury New Town was incorporated in 1666 and in 1668 the name was changed to Amesbury.
The meetinghouse of Whittier is especially important to Quaker history and to the strong desire of more recent Amesbury Friends to renovate it because it is a direct tie with the past and a symbol of the meaning of Quakerism. This plain Greek revival style meetinghouse embodies the Quaker principles of simplicity, harmony, and restraint. At Whittier’s insistence, the windows in what are now the worship social rooms are exceptionally high and wide allowing the building to be flooded with light. This focus on light has special meaning for Quakers since the inner light, the light of God that is in every person, is fundamental to their beliefs. 
The Amesbury Rotary Club had our family picnic this past Sunday. Lots of really good food, fun and games. Thanks to Steve for cooking all of the hamburgers and hot dogs. Thanks to Dave for the games. Perfect weather and even better friendships. Can't wait until next year!
As an Amesbury Rotary service member, Cheryl Keim has worked on establishing tough, drought-resistant flowering perennials at the Rotary Adopt-a-Spot triangle garden at the intersection of routes 110 and 150 in Amesbury.  The first year new plants need extra water until their roots grow deep enough to help them endure heat and drought.  With a good start, they will thrive and provide a reliable show of color every year.
She has watered the young garden plants every 2 to 4 days, and they have survived despite the drought, blooming well and looking like they will survive and prosper.  
She worked carefully using a small bucket to dispense the water to all of the plants, stepping lightly, careful not to compress the roots making sure the gaillardia and echinacea plants (they look like colorful daisies) get a good drink; they are the newest additions and are blooming vigorously.  The 20 gallons every few days seems to be just enough to keep everything going until rains return. Here are some photos of the garden!